LETTER: Forgotten grubby end of Horsham

Bearing in mind we’ve heard that Horsham is fifth best place to live in the UK, I respond as follows, I have 32 photos that I have taken in Queen Street, East Street and Queensway and The Hornets - all this being the grubbier end of Horsham.
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I’m sure if the mess and rubbish was around the Town Hall it would have been cleaned up before it hit the ground.

What must visitors to Horsham think? This end of the town has been completely forgotten?

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The pigeons and mess under the iron railway bridge is appalling.

In the last five years I have only seen a sweeping lorry once in The Hornets, also who is responsible for all the weeds growing out of the kerbs in all streets mentioned?

We are amazed at the amount of cigarette butts, fast food cartons etc around the Job Centre.

Regarding the new Gatehouse Flats, the entrance is littered with fag ends and rubbish and plastic balls.

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The buildings opposite the Queens Head in the Brighton Road have been derelict for at least ten years. I think it is about time something should be done about them - possibly pulled down and new flats built?

The pavements in Queensway are like a jigsaw puzzle, and the play area grass in The Hornets is covered in thistles etc.

We have complained but they are just cut down to grass level so they still grow up. Also the substation sides are covered in weeds.


The Hornets, Queensway, Horsham

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