LETTER: Genuine finance must be restored

Congratulations to the REAL care online patients' patient participation group online forum for Rustington, EastPreston, Angering and Littlehampton for organising a meeting at 10.30am last Saturday in the Woodlands centre to discuss local health provision following the closure of a GP surgery.

How sad, therefore, that, arriving at 10.15am, a large number of us were turned away because the room was already full and that so many people had not been expected to attend.

How long is it going to be before basic services, for which we all pay handsomely, are restored? Apparently, the national financial debt is at an 11-year low, but there are still serious cutbacks in the pipeline.

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I appreciate that there is only a limited amount of money available and wonder whether this is being spent wisely. For example, we could cut down on the absurd size of the House of Lords and look again at so-called prestige projects, e.g., Hinkley Point, third runway at Heathrow, another aircraft carrier etc. These sort of projects will require billions in the future.

Our local problems were clearly outlined in the recent letter to the Gazette from Dr James Walsh. This is the time when our local communities need good, effective and well-managed services – health, education, police, youth, etc. – to encourage and foster the sense of security and belonging which this town has enjoyed in the past.

Unless genuine finance is restored to local authorities and then spent sensibly, the whole of our democratic and civilised society will be under threat, giving little hope for the future well being and opportunities for our children and grandchildren.

Margaret Boulton

Beach Crescent


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