LETTER: How will more eateries manage?

Worthing seems to be set for an increase in the number of restaurants, both at the Montague Quarter and, eventually, at Station Square where the majority of units will be restaurants rather than shops.

Many locals are rather dubious as to whether there will be enough customers on a regular enough basis to make these developments commercially viable. And we have now seen that both Côte and Nando’s have backed out of their initial interest in opening here.

Anyone reading the business pages of the national newspapers will have seen recently how Byron, the burger place, Jamie’s Italian, Prezzo and Carluccio’s, to name but a few are all struggling in the current economic climate.

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While we are being told that ‘millennials’ are spending money on ‘experiences’ rather than ‘stuff’, it appears that these experiences do not necessarily include eating out.

Worthing already has a number of eateries, of varying cuisines and a lot of them are one-off independently run, or part of small local restaurant groups. Most of these seem to be doing reasonably well, but I wonder how they will manage with lots more competition from new eating chains coming to the town.

Also, since several of these national chains seem to be struggling and cutting back on expansion at present, are the developers confident that the spaces will even be filled?

Jenny Ellis

Halsbury Close


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