LETTER: Meet up with old shipmates

Many of your readers would have served in the Royal Navy and having left, possibly quite some time back, are now missing the camaraderie they had with their old shipmates.

To relive that camaraderie and possibly meet up with their old shipmates, they should get the monthly mailing list of Royal Navy Reunions giving the dates, which HM Ship’s Association, where it is being held and who to contact.

Have a look at www.rnshipmates.co.uk and check out the Reunions section, there are currently well over 30. Reunions listings is available by emailing [email protected] See where the reunions are being held, and then find out what is included; such as a visit somewhere, a gala dinner, the traditional tot of rum on most of them.

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Of course the wives and partners are not forgotten, they meet up at the reunions and have a good time too! What does it cost?

Nothing because the reunion listings are all collected, compiled and then sent out by email.

There are no subscriptions or donations. But more important, it is also thanks to the hundreds of local newspapers, just like this one and others throughout the UK for printing my letters and subsequently reuniting Lost Shipmates.

Mike Crowe

RN Shipmates,

Heath Road, Sandown