LETTER: More recycling options needed

Arun District Council says it collects rubbish twice weekly from Brookfield Park.

Someone there must think there are about 14 days in a week because bins by the play area have been full since last Wednesday – and I have phoned the council and they’ve called me back twice!

This park is a hotspot because of its proximity to Burger King and Subway.

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Litter isn’t just on the beach – it’s affecting our parks, too.

I usually collect a bag full on my twice-daily dog walk.

People should always take their litter home, but they don’t, and a lot of people do use the bins. However there are several other points:-

1. Why no recycling bin by the play area? Or anywhere in Brookfield park? I think kids know they shouldn’t put bottles in general waste but there’s nowhere else fit for them to put them. If recycling bins go in, don’t put them by the car parks because most people walk to parks through the local estates. Put them at the point of use – by the main play areas

2. Why do we let Burger King, Subway, etc., get away with so many single use drinks cartons and plastic straws? They aren’t doing enough to cut their waste.

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3. Please teach kids to bring their litter home. This education is the parents’ responsibility not teachers’ (I am not in education!).

Linda Edmondson

Ash Close

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