Letter: Noble gesture for nation’s finances

May I wish our Horsham MP Francis Maude a pleasant settlement in his new somewhat down-sized country residence, albeit outside our own Horsham constituency (WSCT, November 6).

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Your letters

Following the recent sale of his family £1.3m Dial Post country mansion perhaps I can now timely and gently entreat him also to find time to repay the apparently outstanding £30k of the original £36k of taxpayers’ money which he received circa 2009 for his second London home and which was exposed by the Daily Telegraph in the matter of the MPs’ expenses scandal, reported later by this WSCT.

In these times of privation, indeed hardship, for many of our Horsham electorate, food banks and Citizen Advice centres hard pressed, and not a few oppressed by the onerous, inequitable and ill-judged bedroom tax at some £66pm visited upon some of the multiple disabled, even our Chancellor of the Exchequer struggling to finance the nation’s bills, I feel sure that our Treasury would appreciate such a noble gesture.

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There might even be a vote or two in it for him May 2015, one never knows.


Stane Street, Adversane