LETTER: PM strips away all safeguards

Last week, David Cameron spoke of figures in front of the TV cameras, with regard to community benefits and potential job creation from fracking, that are almost double those given by his own advisory bodies.

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Your letters

He talks of the best regulation in the world, when the only regulation is from the companies that the industry subcontracts, he has then cut 15 per cent of the workforce of an already overstretched Environment Agency.

He has been in Brussels and has proudly lobbied for environmental safeguards to be dropped, which are in place to protect the wellbeing of citizens, the purity of their water and their land.

He has just taken away liability from the oil and gas industry for any pollution accidents from high volume hydraulic fracturing and made it the responsibility of the British tax payer.

He often quotes the Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering, but then dismisses all the safety recommendations they have urged this government to take out.

As a conservative, I am dismayed, how can I believe anything that comes out of the prime minister’s mouth?


Oldlands Avenue, Balcombe