Letter: Potentially misleading

In repsonse to Cll Ash Edwards’ letter last week I write with regards to your letter in the Mid Sussex Times (Oct 24th 2013) and your assertion regarding the use of the Parish Observer Field as an alternate site and mitigation in respect of the disposal of the Play Meadow at Courtmead Road.

Your letters
Your letters

I felt your letter was potentially misleading to the general public and does not convey our position on the matter.

We did discuss the use of the Observer Field at our Extra Ordinary meeting, at which we stated that the land is currently used for agriculture, heritage and an ecology project which we have been developing for a number of years in partnership with Sussex Wildlife. This is principally due to it being outside the Built-Up Area Boundary (BUAB) and next to Laines Farm which is an area of ecology interest.

On this basis we do not agree that the site is an alternative location, given the type, makeup and sensitivity of the site outside the Built-up Boundary.

As I stated in my letter to Cllr Wall, the Observer Field is a complex site and is not a comparable play space to that provided by the Play Meadow. In our view it is best left for agriculture and heritage use.

I want to be very clear, while we are open to discuss the matter further (we are waiting for confirmation from you for a meeting next week) the Parish does not believe the Observer Field is a suitable alternative site for the reasons above.

Nigel Page

Chairman, Cuckfield