LETTER: Reaching out

I have been thinking a lot recently about the current situation of increasing violence and civil war in Iraq and the Middle East.

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The effects of these conflicts are going to be felt for generations to come, as even the very fabric and infrastructure of these countries are slowly eroded.

But the furthest effect is the devastation that is happening to the lives of normal innocent people just like you and I. Many have lost fathers, mothers, daughters, sons and loved ones and people have been forced to leave their homes in search of peace and safety.

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Is God removed from the suffering that is going on? The answer is no. I have heard first hand how God is meeting the needs and how Christians are impacting these broken communities through practical service and love (check out the work of Canon Andrew White in Baghdad).

The Bible says that Jesus is the Prince of peace and even in the most difficult of situations God is reaching out to help those in need, through people who have a real faith and trust in Him. It is easy to blame God for the suffering we see in the world, when actually we need to acknowledge Him as the only solution.


Christian Life Centre, Horsham