LETTER: Regret over bowling greens

It was with a great sense of regret and wasted opportunities that I read the report on the condition of the Beach House Park bowling greens (Worthing Herald, April 12, and online) and the two local bowling clubs' opinion that they were not fit to be played on.

Residents of Worthing will probably remember these greens when they were the pride of Worthing and under the management of their legendary greenkeeper ‘Jock’ Munroe they were famous the world over, hosted the headquarters of the English Bowling Association (long since left), televised World Championship Bowls,National Bowls and County Championships ,with all the economic benefits this brought to the town in hotel and guest house bookings,full pubs and restaurants and positive publicity .

This is no fault of the hard-working green keeping staff, who have had to endure years of uncertainty about their jobs being outsourced to a private company one year only to be hastily brought back in house a few years later when this was found not to be working.

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No doubt the green keepers will, through a sense of pride and dedication to their job, manage to restore the greens back to a usable condition by the start of the season.

The question the residents of Worthing have to ask themselves is why an asset to the town such as Beach House Park bowling greens have been allowed to deteriorate from being the headquarters of the English Bowling Association and being renowned the world over to being almost not fit for purpose in the space of ten years, which in itself must be some kind of record for the powers that be.

Mike Barrett

Cranworth Road, Worthing

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