LETTER: Replacing Tube must be priority

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I should like to support what John Bromhead said regarding

the indoor training facility, currently at Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre, but, as I understand it, not scheduled to be replaced when the centre is shut down.

I have coached in the Tube and I know that many local athletes use it and find it invaluable, especially when it isn’t possible to train outside. The Tube is known throughout Sussex and beyond as an indoor facility unrivalled in the South of England. Athletes have come from far afield to use the excellent facilities.

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Competitions for young athletes are held there especially in the winter.

International athletes have come to Horsham to train in the Tube. Sprinters, hurdlers, throwers, jumpers, vaulters even middle distance runners have all used the Tube.

Given the special value of this indoor training area, I find it very regrettable that our local council says it will not be replacing it. Of course money is a factor, but when weighing priorities for club and top class athletes, surely replacing the Tube has to be very high on any list.

I look forward to the new track and I do urge councillors to think again regarding the Tube.


Deer Way, Horsham

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