LETTER: Safety is worth any irritation

Perhaps I can help Peter Hillman who asks ‘why do we treat cyclists as special cases?’. The main reason is, of course, safety.

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Your letters

Cyclists are particularly vulnerable at junctions especially with left turning traffic so it makes good sense to let them clear the area before motorised vehicles move off.

If this saves one death or serious injury, it is surely more than worth the irritation it will cause to Mr Hillman.

In turn safer conditions for cyclists will encourage more people to take to two wheels with beneficial effects on traffic congestion, pollution and on the health of the nation.

I note his comment about ‘cyclists being in the way’ which might indicate the direction from which he is coming. If so this is perhaps the time to remind him that pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders are on the road by right while motorists are only there by licence!


Houghton Bridge, Amberley