Letter: Spend money on what Bexhill wants

Julia De LiberoThe Byeway, Bexhill

I am incensed yet again by Rother Council’s behaviour and mismanagement of Bexhill.

How can they withdraw funding support of an enormously popular annual event, The Roaring 20s, which brings tens of thousands of people into town, providing a much needed boost to our local traders, and yet propose to spend £260,000 – a quarter of a million pounds – on the white elephant of the Colonnade, so that a private tenant may be interested in opening a prestigious restaurant?

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Bexhillians do not want a prestigious restaurant at the Colonnade, they were perfectly happy with Tea Beside The Sea, and those tenants were making no such outrageous demands for improvements to the property, but Rother evicted them when their lease ended.

I despair!

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