LETTER: The outstanding qualities of MP

Neither of the two former Horsham MPs could measure up to the late Freddie Gough, MC - a modest man of great personal charm who never sought the limelight as a backbench MP for Horsham. And a man of considerable bravery - with an outstanding military career.

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Your letters

In 1940, Gough took part in the evacuation of Dunkirk and was mentioned in despatches. On his return to England he trained as a parachutist and was placed in command of the 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron engaged in the North Africa campaign - for which he was awarded the Military Cross.

In 1944, Freddie Gough participated in the ill-fated ‘Operation Market Garden’ in which he briefly commanded airborne forces at Arnhem Bridge before being taken prisoner when the German troops finally overran the town. Not defeated, in April 1945 he managed to escape - linking up with American forces in Bavaria.

In the 1951 general election, Gough was elected as Horsham’s constituency MP - which at that time included Crawley new town - which he praised as a success. He retired from the House of Commons in 1964 when he was elected chairman of Horsham Conservative Association.

I doubt very much if we shall see a candidate - in any local political party - of his outstanding personal qualities being elected in the May general election. Only time will tell!


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