LETTER: Transparency is still lacking

We continue to see a lack of transparency in our so-called local democracy, due to whipping by an HDC Leader who is reluctant to sign the Free Speech Charter, where the public is excluded from meetings on HDPF formulation and where none of the ruling district councillors seem to have the stomach to confront the inequities of National Planning Policy.

Your letters
Your letters

At last Thursday’s council meeting, the issue of office relocation and sharing of services with WSCC, worried some councillors because HDC might lose its identity, or because it might result in a slide towards unitary status.

Whilst those concerned were debated at length, the fact that the proposal might reduce costs for the Taxpayer, was clearly of limited interest to many ruling group members.

By comparison, there was a much shorter discussion on a proposal to increase expenditure (by something like three times, to £559million) on a Local Enterprise Partnership quango. Indeed, when a councillor asked how value for money would be monitored, the chairman brushed the question aside and did not even refer it to the Cabinet Member responsible.

What has happened to our so called democratic institutions, that there is such low regard for the interests of residents that the ruling group of councillors is supposed to represent? They seem to hold us in contempt.

P Rands

Arun Road, Billingshurst