LETTER: Tube is vital for training purposes

I am writing concerning the proposals for the replacement running track and hall at Horsham.
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Despite the thousands of extra homes being built around the Horsham area and the resulting increased demand for sporting facilities, the current proposal does not include an indoor athletics facility to replace The Tube.

It is vital to have a covered area where athletes can train in the dry and warm, practising the specific skills and strengthening exercises required for their events.

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Our weather is predicted to get wetter in the winter and it’s just not feasible to throw javelins or run several laps of the track in the rain, getting cold and wet.

The Tube is also used for activities for small children during the day – it’s just so important to instil the habit of exercise and doing games and sport for fun as well as for competition from an early age for health and wellbeing.

What has happened to the Olympic and Commonwealth Games legacy for provision of more facilities (not less)?

I wholeheartedly support the dual hall proposal by the BBH Joint Users Group (BJUG) and urge the council to reconsider its plans.

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As a former Blue Star Harrier who travelled from near Dorking as we have no track or field facility in Mole Valley, I was one of many who came to Horsham to use Broadbridge Heath from outside the area – the catchment area is much larger than the Horsham area.


Henfold Cottages, Newdigate, Dorking

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