LETTER: '˜We need a proper bypass'

What a great launch for the Bypass Not A27 Throughpass's new campaign to get a '˜Bypass for Worthing and Lancing Now'. Drivers can see around 100 highly visible signs all the way along the A27 from Cote Street to Lyons Farm.

I want to say a big thank-you to all of the residents and councillors who joined our campaign launch at Grove Lodge on Thursday. I would also like to thank the Herald for the coverage of our campaign launch day.

So many residents turned out early in the morning to hold posters and were cheered by the amazing support from drivers tooting their horns in support and offering words of support as they crawled by in the slow-moving, congested traffic that plagues Worthing and Lancing every day. Thank you also to Worthing Borough Council leader Dan Humphreys for supporting residents’ calls for a proper bypass.

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Our campaign continues and this action group will keep fighting for a bypass.

If you believe that Worthing and Lancing deserve better, then please sign our petition.

Details are available on our website at www.bypassnota27throughpass.org and check out, share and like our Facebook page. You can find us on there as bypassnota27throughpass.

Information about the group, how to join the campaign and our petition is available at www.bypass nota27throughpass.org

Jack Delbridge


Bypass Not A27 Throughpass Residents’ Action Group,

Broadview Gardens, Worthing

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