Letter: Why are cyclists treated badly?

Could someone please explain why cyclists are treated as the lowest species in the food chain?

I cycle to and from work in Hastings every day, and I have been bumped, nudged cut up and even overtaken on the wrong side of the road by drivers that cannot judge the speed or distance of their vehicles – and before you question whether I wear or have the right gear, I have a crash hat, hi-vis jacket and enough lights on my bike to rival Blackpool Tower even in daylight.

I have contacted East Sussex Highways about the poor state of the roads and cycle paths and having just received an email back, they mention about a lack of funding to update or improve the Ravenside to Hastings part of the coastal cycle path, although I do see there was enough cash to erase the section between Warrior Square and Hastings Pier (the cycle path now finishes at Warrior Square).

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The potholes, by the beach huts at St Leonards, they see as not being a problem, although one of your readers has previously mentioned this, and I see cyclists and walkers alike now use the outside part.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons for the proposed A259 bus/cycle lane so the powers that be could then say “why waste money maintaining the coastal cycle route when there is a perfectly adequate route along the A259?”

I would like to extend my hand(lebars) for either the Highways Cycle Czar or a local councillor to join me on my cycle to and from work to show them the dangers and pitfalls of my journey to work, as there are too many issues to mention here about the improvements that could be made.

Tim Harris

Sedgewick Road, Bexhill