‘Listen to the people of Hastings, please’

During the 1960s our family moved to a house in Harrow Lane.

During the 1960s our family moved to a house in Harrow Lane  

For a short time it was a truly wonderful and idyllic place to live. The road was unmade and we were surrounded by green fields, working farms and tranquil countryside.

One expects some changes over the years but enough is enough.  Firstly a housing estate was built opposite and the road was made up.  

Ashdown House pictured from Harrow Lane, St Leonards. SUS-211103-150004001

Ashdown House was built and the farms and green landscape gradually disappeared.  

Sainsbury’s was moved out of town to its new site in Sedlescombe Road North and the Conquest Hospital was built, creating a rapid build-up of traffic.  

New schools were built along the Ridge and on the new Little Ridge housing development.  

A roundabout was installed at either end of Harrow Lane encouraging even more traffic to use it as a rat run and Queensway and the Bexhill/Hastings Link Road were constructed causing long tail backs of traffic in the surrounding area.

During this past year we have all been encouraged to take advantage of our local green areas to enjoy our daily exercise and relieve stress.  Local wildlife has increased which is beneficial to the environment and our mental health.

Over the years Harrow Lane has changed beyond recognition.  It is unable to cope with additional development, causing increased traffic volume, noise and congestion.

Residents have watched it change from a peaceful country lane to a busy main thoroughfare. We are encouraged to leave our cars at home and enjoy our local amenities but if our only remaining green spaces are destroyed, where will people take their daily exercise and walk their dogs?

Please listen to the people who were born and bred in Hastings and who have witnessed over the years the devastation and destruction of where they choose to live and bring up their families.  

Enough is enough!

Susan Mercer,

Hollinghurst Road,

St Leonards