Many households in Worthing could make improvements with recycling

As the Government will be issuing a national waste management policy, there should be no need for local councils to start reviewing their own.

Part of that policy is looking at reducing waste overall. So any household whose general waste bin is overflowing every week should take long hard look at what is going into their shopping trolleys.

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Many of us can remember the days with only one bin and everything went into it.

Unfortunately the rise of supermarkets has led to mountains of waste being created to get as many customers as possible in the shortest time through the checkouts.

We are two adults and could take up to a month to fill our general waste bin. Our blue recycling bin however, is full on a fortnightly basis. We flatten packets, cans and plastic bottles – which of course should have the tops removed as they currently cannot be recycled – to get it all in.

I agree that households with more occupants should have a larger size recycling bin if it is to remain at fortnightly collections.

From what can be seen on bin collection days, there are many households that could make improvements.

Incorrect recycling can be seen, such as bottles with tops on sticking out and black sacks clearly containing boxes and packets etc.

Personally we would prefer weekly blue bin and fortnightly general waste collections.

Hopefully we won’t end up with half a dozen different containers for various items which is a nightmare for households, collections, and pedestrians having to skip past it all.

Malcolm Mills

Mayfield Close, Worthing


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