New convenience store is welcome

Hurrah! At last, we are finally due to get a fresh, clean, bright local convenience store - I am delighted that Tesco are going to open on the site of the Silver Wok in Brighton Road, Horsham.

It is about time we had a local shop offering freshly baked breads, a good selection of quality fresh fruit and vegetables, and lots of other affordable groceries. If I need just a handful of things, I do not want to be heading all the way into town, or having to pay to park to get them.

Whilst the existing nearby convenience stores are great if you just want a newspaper, they do not offer quality, affordable fresh produce - and it’ll be great to have a local shop with longer, more convenient opening hours.

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Yes, it is sad when local independent stores go out of business, but those shops have to re-invent themselves sometimes, with improved decor and fresher, newer produce and be prepared to provide customers with what they really need.

Do the neighbouring residents really want social housing developed on this site? I suspect not.

I doubt that the increase in traffic will be a significant problem given that the Brighton Road is one of the busiest roads in and out of Horsham.

I am pleased that Tesco are opening here (as are others I have spoken to), and I will be a regular customer.


Orchard Road, Horsham