Parking restrictions

I AM writing to hopefully use the Observer as medium to inform local residents and customers alike who shop at the Ravenside shopping outlet about the parking restrictions which are currently in place.

On Wednesday May 11 my husband and I parked near the swimming pool and walked to the nearby cafe on the seafront. When we returned 20 mintues later our car was clamped because we had walked off site. The release fee we were charged was £95 plus a £5 credit card surcharge.

As much as it was our fault because we hadn’t noticed the parking regulation signs, we were completely taken by surprise with the swiftness of the clamping process and the fine charged for a simple mistake. Basically we think that the punishment completely outweighs the crime.

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My main objective is to make everyone who uses the car park aware that if they walk off site or exceed the three-hour time limit they will be left with a hefty fine. Ours was the cheapest, the others were £130 for a car, £190 for a commercial vehicle and £260 for an HGV. I have mentioned this to several people and none of them knew about the parking restrictions and they all regularly shop at Ravenside.


Old Humphrey Avenue