Pub set for fundraisingBeer & Cider Festival

The Dog & Bacon of North Parade, Horsham will once again be running their annual Charity Beer & Cider Festival over the summer weekend of Friday July 31, Saturday August 1 and Sunday 2.
Dog & Bacon to hold annual Beer & Cider Festival SUS-150721-162932001Dog & Bacon to hold annual Beer & Cider Festival SUS-150721-162932001
Dog & Bacon to hold annual Beer & Cider Festival SUS-150721-162932001

The popular event, now it its sixth year, will once again feature live music, charity raffle, barbecue, fresh handmade pizzas and fine ales and cask ciders for all to enjoy.

The weekend kicks off on the Friday evening when the beer and cider becomes available for thirsty customers, on the Saturday there will be live music throughout the day and evening, a barbecue , freshly made pizzas courtesy of Pan’artisan, raffle and tombola and they are even planning on getting out the stocks for a little public humiliation all for a good cause.

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In previous years the pub has raised funds for Autism and the local Springboard Project, this year they are supporting something that has touched them personally.

A family friend has Lyme disease, unbeknown to Laura Brown she contracted it in childhood and it laid dormant for many years.

After feeling unwell for a number of years her body had finally had enough, two years ago she collapsed at work and was rushed to hospital with a suspected stroke.

Following three stays in hospital, five consultants, enduring numerous tests , scans, and several failed attempts to diagnose correctly, she feared she would never know the cause of her disabling and debilitating illness.

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After initially being diagnosed with M.E, one day it was suggested to her that she should take a test for Lyme Disease.

With the help of a knowledgeable GP, a blood test, and a private clinic, she discovered that she had potentially been living with, not just Lyme Disease, but also some equally nasty co-infections.

She discovered that Lyme Disease was rarely recognised or adequately treated, if treated at all, by the NHS. Sure enough she received a letter stating that they would not be helping her any further.

Laura, a happily married mother of two, became unable to take care of herself and deteriorated at an alarming rate, she knew she had to do something positive to help herself where the NHS could not.

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She began fundraising to gain access to the appropriate medical testing and treatment that could restore some quality of life, so that she could pick up the pieces and start again.

Sadly Laura’s condition is now sadly untreatable but she is still fundraising so that her young children, who have also been diagnosed can access treatment, their condition is currently dormant but the family know all too well what the outcome can be.

Along with raising funds they are also trying to raise awareness for this often unknown and undiagnosed disease. The heartbreaking condition, which was transmitted to her by a tick, has left her mostly bed-ridden.

She suffers from a long list of symptoms including speech and co-ordination problems, sound and light sensitivity, poor short term memory and problems with most of her internal organs.

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The Dog & Bacon run the Charity Beer & Cider Festival every year and this year wish to help Laura and her family and raise awareness so that others may not suffer the same fate, they are hoping for everyone to come join them, have a great weekend and help LauraLime Fundraiser towards their £30,000 target.

If any local business would like to donate a prize for the charity raffle they would be delighted of your contribution.

For more information on the charity festival please contact Debbie on 01403 252176. For more information on LauraLime Fundraiser visit

Report and picture contributed by Susie Marshall.

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