Sharing a positive experience of vaccine at Etchingham

In response to several negative letters in your last edition criticising the arrangements being offered for current vaccinations at Etchingham Village Halls, I am hoping my positive comments will reassure those people who are awaiting details of their appointments, that they have nothing to fear in travelling to the halls and so receiving this treatment.

The Covid-19 vaccine (Oxford AstraZeneca). Pic Justin Lycett.
The Covid-19 vaccine (Oxford AstraZeneca). Pic Justin Lycett.

The halls were obviously chosen as they offer large spaces, sufficient for social distancing throughout the procedure, a separate entrance and exit, as well as adequate parking, so that the maximum number of patients can be dealt with safely.

For further information I would advise a visit to Etchingham Hall website.

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Patients are greeted by parking wardens and asked to wait in the comfort of their car until called to proceed. A patient is admitted every five minutes.

It may seem a long distance to travel, but roads are completely empty, so it is not an arduous journey. While I waited people came in taxis, so if you are unable to drive this would be a safe option, as you should not share a car with those outside your “bubble”.

A small price to pay for a life. The procedure takes about 25 minutes. I would like to express my gratitude to all those working at the halls for their dedication, courtesy and care.

Jo Penny

Potters Garden, Brede