Thank you for our safe cycle routes in Eastbourne

From: Fiona Durling, Rattle Road, Westham

Council and Eastbourne Council and local groups who seek to bring our transport up to date by the construction of the safe routes around Eastbourne.

Horsey Way is a dedicated path commenced in 2014 connecting Eastbourne railway station and Sovereign Harbour. It is much enjoyed by many school children, tourists and workers who can escape the gridlock and pollution of Seaside.

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My husband who has an arthritic hip can whizz along it carefully on his electric bike. This frees up roads for essential traffic and provides healthy exercise.


We need many more of these routes for an effective up to date transport system.

My daughter cycles to work along a road between Westham Railway station and Priory Road. This involves dodging the traffic. A wider dedicated route parallel to the road would encourage more cyclists. There will be around 2500 new residents in houses being built nearby. At present this route is not in the current cycling and walking consultation.

These routes are essential to protect residents and adapt at a time of rapid climate change, It is much cheaper than knocking down houses and building new roads.