Thanks for Conquest campaign support

As Chair of Hands Off the Conquest I would like to thank all the people who showed their support for us at the event held in Priory Meadow last Wednesday to inform people that the Hospital Trust want to single site Stroke Services, Emergency General Surgery, and Emergency Orthopaedic Surgery, i.e. these specialities will only be available at either Eastbourne or Hastings, but we do not know which town.

The Primary Care Trust were on hand to answer questions, however the general public had not had a chance to read any documentation and mostly were unaware of what was happening. They were guided through the 3 specialities and obvious emphasis was given to the Preferred Option. They were then asked to place a sticker on the one they felt best. There was no place to put “none of these”. Was this a balanced view?

The aims of Hands Off the Conquest are to protect emergency core services together with any subsidiary services which would, by their removal, affect those services. The removal of any of the three specialities above would affect emergency core services.

If you agree with these aims then I would urge you to visit our website and follow the link to the e-petition.

Margaret Williams

Chair, Hands Off the Conquest