The bellringers celebrate

Whenever we have something to celebrate, from birthdays to national events we make a point of dressing up to an agreed theme and bringing cakes!

The three newest recruits who came as the three wise men
The three newest recruits who came as the three wise men

This Christmas was no exception and we arrived at the tower to ring on the Friday before Christmas dressed as nativity participants. By far the best efforts were made by our three newest recruits who came as the three wise men, whose photo is enclosed. We managed to consume a considerable number of cakes during our practice but had to divest ourselves of most of our costumes (one was an illuminated tree) in order to ring safely. On New Year’s Eve ten of us got together and had food and games before driving up to the church to ring out the old year and ring in the new.

We have been very fortunate as a group to have been able to continue our ringing practices every Friday evening whilst the church was closed for repairs. It was a bit like picking our way through a builder’s yard in order to get to the ringing chamber but once there it was quite safe for us to ring. Now we are back to ringing before the 11am service on Sundays. Our new recruits (the three wise men) are doing really well but we would love to see more learners.

Do come and see what we do, it’s interesting and we’re a friendly group. Practice nights are 7.30-9pm on Fridays.

Report and picture contributed by Miriam Coghill, Tower Captain, St Nicolas Church, Itchingfield

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