Traffic nonsense

AT last, a major reason we formed Courtwick Lane Opposition Group (CLOG) is made clear (Gazette story, “Plans go ahead for 91 houses”, February 17) by Ricky Bower and Mark Butler’s comments.

They state that planning approvals like this are given because reports don’t give the committee sufficient grounds to refuse permission.

Here, the county council commissioned a report which said that traffic flow on the A259 would be no worse with 91 houses than from the existing lorry park.

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Anyone can see this is nonsense. People living locally could have told the county council the real situation (saving the cost of the report). Ninety-one houses must generate more traffic than a few lorries!

Why does this type of situation occur? It makes the planning process appear ludicrous! Every planning decision must be made in the best interest of the residents the committee represents.

If this means making decisions using just common sense, that seems entirely appropriate. CLOG and most responsible citizens would applaud such decisions.

Also reporting yet another sad death on the A27, another article details efforts being made to bring the road into the 21st century.

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The density of traffic in this area is beyond a joke and, CLOG believes, is sufficient grounds to refuse planning permission for all large developments in the area. CLOG has also identified other reasons.

Look at some approximate figures. Ninety-one houses equal 200 cars and 100 children. Of these, 100 cars will leave to go to work.

With no school locally, at 8.30am and 3pm the other 100 cars will make the school run. CLOG suggests this will overload the A259 exactly as Ricky Bower says.

The figures for Courtwick are 600 houses, 1,200 cars and 600 children. Again with no school, the school run is now 700 cars.

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Add the Greencore development – 1,800 houses (and hotel), 3,400 cars and 1,800 children and the position is untenable.

A school is planned but will it ever be built? Who can be sure? So, the school run is now 2,500 cars.

CLOG suggests the A259 would become so clogged that every resident who wants to drive around the area couldn’t!

Every one of you, as residents, would have to make lifestyle changes and you would get no advantage from so-called “improvements”.

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Yet apathy abounds. You must not allow stupid planning decisions to be made. CLOG ( waits to hear from you.

What chance is there for Littlehampton to see any regeneration? Not much, CLOG suggests.

If traffic cannot move round, no company will want to move to the area and, eventually, nor will people.

Rachel Barnard

CLOG committee member

Linnet Close


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