UKIP '˜nowhere near finished' as membership rises

Several months ago I had a letter published in the Herald concerning the awful year that UKIP was experiencing at the time '“ four leadership contests in the space of a year and so on.

I can recall writing at the time that Nigel Farage was on BBC Question Time the previous week, saying that Theresa May said that all the things about leaving the EU is what he had been saying for the past 20 years.

I can also recall writing at the end of my letter that UKIP will be like a phoenix rising up from the ashes.

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Now, come forward to April of this year and Gerard Batten was voted as interim leader. At the time UKIP was in the red financially and now they are in fact in the black. Our membership fell to an all-time low of 19,000 and now it stands at 23,000.

Reader says UKIP is 'nowhere near finished'

I do think our membership will go up a lot further than at present. All those people who said UKIP is finished, a spent force, I suggest they think again because UKIP is nowhere near finished.

For UKIP, the phoenix is starting to wake from its slumber.

Peter Harvey

Harbour Way, Shoreham


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