What traffic and parking congestion? We’re in lockdown!

Johnston Press
From: Michael JefferyBlackwater Road, Eastbourne

We’ve seen many acts of kindness and selfishness these last few weeks but sadly there is also an underlying core of people who will also seek to profit from misfortune.

I, along with all right- minded people in Eastbourne, am appalled at the intended price hike in parking charges and the commercial damage it will do to the town but East Sussex County’s latest lament that they must keep the traffic wardens working because “It is important to reduce congestion’, gives flesh to the lies we hear so often from these latter day highwaymen.

What congestion – we’re in lockdown for goodness sake!

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NSL may have deemed it safe for their staff to continue but I doubt that the medical profession has.

When this is all over and normality returns, let’s hope that there is a day of reckoning for all of those who have sought to profit from our current predicament including all those purveyors of essentials that have increased their prices, in some cases eye-wateringly so.

People have long memories, they may yet live to regret it.

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