What’s the real cause of the national goods crisis?

From: Laurence KeeleyFairfield, Herstmonceux

We appear to have a crisis with HGV drivers and a shortage of goods filling the shops for us.

Some may blame Brexit. But what is the real cause?

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I remember within three villages,in East Sussex. There were about 50 farms producing milk. There were dairies in Eastbourne,Mayfield and Headcorn, all three are now housing estates.

Today each of those villages have just one farm,with large herds producing milk and the large tanker travels from Herstmonceux to Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire.

Now, would you like to drive such a vehicle with the traffic on the roads today all that way,even with the cash they are offering to do it? The same with supermarket HGV drivers.

If we really are going to save the environment we need local food producing farms,but that can’t be done if we continue to allow speculators to buy up land, and let out on short term agreements

If we continue to take in those wanting to come to the UK, we need to address how we will feed them. We have now those farmhouses become country retreats from the city capital.

Those having land with the property will rent the fields out on short term agreement.

There are a number of these holdings taking up the Government offer to rewild the land, hence,some farmers renting this land are told they won’t have the land in future.

I have witnessed some livestock farmers travelling several miles to take maize silage back to their holdings,creating much traffic gridlock on their way to their homestead.

We are told we need Eastern European workers to harvest our fruit and vegetables,as we can’t find local people to do the work.

It would be true to say many people with full time jobs can’t take several months off to help with the harvest, it’s not that they won’t help.

Those from Eastern Europe can earn enough in the UK to go back home for the winter months off and live off their earning from the UK.

The answer is to create an environment so we can afford to live in the villages and earn enough in the planting and harvest time, so one can manage in the winter months.

It could be easily done. All we need to do is build affordable homes ,which would not be rented or market valued on land available on the farms.

If we continue to see people crossing the Channel, and helping those from Afghanistan and then we could have arrivals from Hong Kong, I just hope they bring plenty of sandwiches with them.