Your Letters - March 7

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Futile gesture

AS an ex-wine merchant I view with interest the police tactics in attempting to deter under-age drinking combined with yobbish behaviour.

In my view the mere act of destroying the drink involved is totally futile, and treated as a laugh by these mindless individuals.

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It is time the police used the law at their disposal and started prosecuting the offenders so that they are given a criminal record, as a deserved consequence for their actions, instead of a slap on the wrist and an invitation to carry on with their anti social behaviour.

Malcolm Holland

London Road

Secret beach

IN an article some two years ago The Times newspaper described the Herbrand Walk area as one of the top 10 secret beaches in the country.

Now not so secret and, having presumably read the same article, the travelling community have decided to avail themselves of the facilities and access to the privately-owned beach huts to accommodate their personal possessions and housing for their animals.

Much was made last year of the intention to provide transient sites in both Hastings and Bexhill.

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The travellers' representative expressed the opinion that it was necessary to provide these areas and that the supposition that there was an increase in anti-social behaviour and criminal activity was bigoted and failed to take into account the diversity issues. Diversity is about recognising each other's values, not playing the diversity card when it suits and ignoring the effect that your conduct has on others.

As a beach hut owner I would say take a look and explain why it is necessary to vandalise property, commit offences of burglary and intimidate people.

I have attempted to engage with Rother District Council and local councillors but to date have received no response other than one acknowledgement of my email.

It is presumed that in respect of the land being privately owned it is incumbent upon the owners to seek civil redress which may resolve the problem on this occasion, but as to the future of the 'best secret beach' - you decide.


Address supplied

Dog tax

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SURELY it's time to reintroduce an annual dog licence of realistic proportions, say 50 per dog, payable to the council which, incidentally, would help to reduce the extortionate rate of council tax. Some dog owners will never learn to clean up after their animals and I have yet to see any evidence that they face any sort of prosecution for the sickening mess on our local pavements.

There are far too many dogs on our streets at present and an annual charge might just deter people from buying a dog in the first place.


London Road

Horse droppings

YOUR correspondent M. Hudson (Letters, February 29) is correct - of course dog owners should clear up their pets' mess.

But they are not the only offenders.

Horse riders leave their animals' droppings in the road (and then complain about thoughtless motorists!); but first prize for selfish and inconsiderate pet ownership must go to those cat owners who allow their 'little darlings' to foul (as well as make a general nuisance of themselves) in other peoples' private gardens!

Paul Campbell

The Highlands

Post profit

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ON receipt of a card from the postman, I went to the Post Office to receive a letter addressed to me which was marked 'underpaid.1

This turned out to be from my grandchildren addressed to Nanny with drawings on the back of the envelope obviously from the children. The envelope meaured 1cm longer than the prescribed size and less than 1cm wider. As my grandchildren live a long way from me I wanted to see their efforts at keeping in touch and reluctantly paid 1.06. Once upon a time, the post office and the postman were our friends. Not so today. Money is our God. As Mr Alan Whitt pointed out (Bexhill Observer, February 22) the Government (both parties) have been their worst enemies, taking away business and robbing the profits.


Sutton Place

Pet care

I AM writing to ask if you could please appeal on our behalf for volunteers to help with pet care.

Cinnamon Trust is the national charity for elderly and terminally ill people and their pets. We seek to keep owner and pet together for as long as possible with the help of a national network of volunteers who assist when any aspect of day to day care poses a problem.

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Some volunteers also offer foster care of these pets in their own homes, when the elderly or terminally ill face a short spell in hospital.

The Trust also provides permanent home from home sanctuary for companion animals who outlive their owners.

Although we are always seeking new volunteers, we have a particular problem at present in Bexhill. We have concerned owners that due to failing health they are no longer able to exercise their pets.

We would like to arrange for a rota of people to help these elderly owners, but unfortunately we do not have enough registered volunteers available.

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Potential volunteers are asked to ring 01736 757900 during office hours to register.

Alternatively fax your address to 01736 757010 or email [email protected] for an information pack.

Anyone with even an hour a week to spare can make a huge difference!

We would be very grateful for your help, thank you.

Moira Butler

Volunteer Co-ordinator

The Cinnamon Trust, 01736 757900

Conquest care

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TO all staff at Benson Ward, the Conquest Hospital - Please accept our heartfelt thanks for the care shown to our terminally ill mother Joan Mackins during her short stay with you. All staff, without exception treated both her and our family with absolute kindness and compassion, thus making it easier to bear. Thank you again


Barnhorn Road

Family history

I AM writing a book on my mother's family history, the Gullivers. Please can any readers help me with information on Charles Gulliver, Bexhill on Sea Bowling Club. Thank you.


30 Brashland Drive

East Hunsbury



Wartime humour

I AM researching wartime humour from World War I to the present from all events ie. military, religious, political etc. I am looking for cartoons / stories / speeches etc that are funny, satirical, ironic etc. for my research and possible publication in a book. I would appreciate any help from readers.


36 Steele Avenue



EH22 5LR

email: korankye @

So kind

THANK you to the kind person who handed in my keys, dropped in Sainsburys during the week.


Address supplied

Blighted skyline

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I HAVE just seen in the Bexhill Observer (February 15) an interesting photo on the letters page which includes the new block of flats at the end of Sackville Road, showing it from a very imaginative angle, on a bright sunny day, when God's in his heaven and all is right with the world.

I took the attached photo of the same building, on a very similar day, from a slightly different angle. As can be seen, it does stand out rather more than is depicted in the earlier photo.

This led me to wonder whether the powers that be in the planning department, who agree to these developments, actually take time to consider the long-term significance such developments have on the skyline of Bexhill, particularly when it will only be seen by holiday makers/day trippers for a few days, but for a lifetime and beyond, by Bexhill residents!

I note that in my photo, the De La Warr Pavilion can only just be seen behind the tree to the left of the flats (the designers did have a good sense of scale in those days!). Also the crane to the right of the flats is currently being used to construct the second phase of Bexhill's own twin tower complex.

Talk about a blot on the landscape!


Address supplied