Massive waste of public money

I have just received an A3 double-sided leaflet explaining all the inconveniences we can expect on Sunday 23rd September and I note that there is also to be a hotline which will need manning.

I would actually like to protest very strongly at what would appear to be a massive waste of public money.

In an age where basic medical, educational and care needs are being eroded and cut at an alarming rate, I object hugely to paying council taxes for this kind of leaflet to be put through my door.

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I hate to think how many thousands were printed and the resources used.

To have accepted this Velo South jolly is fine, but it should not have been accepted given the amount of disruption it will cause.

I am not a kill-joy, but an event such as this should be a pleasure for everyone not an intrusive nuisance, with our precious taxes being spent in a way that doesn’t help local people.

I am a small voice in the storm, I appreciate that, but it really is the misuse of our money that annoys me most.

Bridget Choutov

Godwin Way