Maybe a no deal Brexit is the only deal

As 2018 draws to a close, the country finds itself possibly the most divided it has been since the days of Oliver Cromwell and the English Civil War.

Whatever David Cameron’s intentions were when he held the European referendum, even he could not have foreseen the carnage that has followed.

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Will history see his immediate resignation in the wake of defeat as an act of cowardice? Will it also view Theresa May as one of the worst prime ministers this country has ever seen?


I’m sure I am not alone when I say Brexit has me almost completely confused now, and this week, for the first time in this whole saga, I am actually of the opinion that maybe ‘no deal’ is the only deal.

Having said that, scare stories in the media report 3,500 troops will be put on standby and commandeered ferries will make their way across the channel stockpiled with emergency medical supplies. How did it ever come to this?

These people are paid salaries that the working man can only dream about, yet our parliament currently appears to be doing the work of two men – Laurel and Hardy.

And the crux of it all is that, with all the emphasis on Europe, and almost a fifth of the way into the 21st century, food banks are operating right across the nation, some of our nation’s families are living below the perceived poverty line, and there are a reported 320,000 homeless people in the UK.

And yet, the coffee shop at the Scottish Parliament, another collection of well-paid politicians, has apparently banned the gingerbread man and replaced him with a gingerbread person – because it is sexist and offends people. You couldn’t make it up...

Let us hope 2019 brings a better 365 days for everyone, the length and breadth of the country.

No columns for a couple of weeks so, as always, thank you for reading my offerings every week, and I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.


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