My one little vote matters

Trevor JonesRochford Way,Bishopstone,Seaford

I have just received the letter from Lewes District Council for updating my details on the Electoral Registration, there is a statement at the top of the letter promoting ‘Your Vote Matters – Don’t Lose It’.

Judging by some of the opinions that have been sent to the Sussex Express, it seems my vote is not really valid or I voted incorrectly!

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For some, it seems the electoral system is called in to question?

Lewes had a fine and long serving MP in Norman Baker, someone to satisfy EU remainers but his Liberal Democrat party made a coalition with the Conservatives and therefore, he had to go.

Now we have Maria Caulfield for the Conservative party, who has been described as hardworking and increased her majority in the last election.

However, she wants to leave the EU, so now she must go!

This is why the voting system exists to sort out these differing opinions.

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We might not always get everything our own way but we should respect the voting system and its outcome which includes having Maria Caulfield as our MP and the result of the EU referendum.

I also like to feel that perhaps my one little vote really does matter.