Offence of Lauren Bravo

I REALLY enjoyed reading Lauren Bravo's column, often it is the first page I turn to on opening my copy of the Herald.

I enjoy her wit, humour and ability to offer insight into the minds of those under 25.

However, this week I was disappointed to read her comments surrounding the Children in Need programme.

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It was on a par with catching Stephen Fry reading a copy of "The Sun" newspaper.

I expected better of you, Lauren.

Of course, we all enjoyed the concert to raise money for Children in Need, but to put down the yearly programme, (November 20), was too hasty.

This is a celebration of the triumph of hope over adversity experienced by many children and young people today.

It also highlights, and rightly so, the endeavour and ingenuity utilised by Jo/Joe public in raising money for such a worthy cause.

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I am the mother of disabled twin daughters, whose achievements have been celebrated several times in The Herald.

My girls have experienced more pain and suffering in their short lives than most people expect in a lifetime.

They show courage, determination, resilience, a lack of self-pity and a compassion for others.

Both were actively involved in raising money for Children in Need.

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I don't think it is beyond anyone to take a few minutes out of their busy, internet-centred, Facebook lives to consider those whose experience of life is very different.

So, next time "a video about a child with cystic fibrosis" or any other child in need comes on a TV/ computer screen, don't turn off or over, but rather listen to what they have to say.

You have been delighting us all recently with your efforts to leave studenthood behind and become a fully recognised prescription fee-paying member of society.

Being able to see another person's perspective is just another milestone along the road to adulthood!

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It would be well to remember that sensitivity and compassion can exist in harmony alongside irony, humour and razor-sharp wit.

Badly done, Lauren, badly done.

Jill Williams

Georgia Avenue


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