On the frontline(r)

UNLIKE the usual suspects, I rarely write letters to the paper. But the criticism my Frontliner concept received from one of your correspondents (who doesn't even live in Bognor!) got right up my nose!

The pessimistic tone of Mr Hunter’s letter encapsulates the ‘it won’t work!’ mentality of the small-minded that has plagued Britain for decades.

His letter seems to reveal that he erupted in an explosion of outraged apoplexy, before he properly read Kevin Smith’s article.

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He writes, ‘It will be supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund...the project will overrun and incur extra funding from West Sussex County Council’.

What I actually suggested was a new attraction for Bognor Regis which, if given permission by the relevant authorities, could then be put out to private industry.

NO funding is intended from any taxpayer!

‘I can’t stop the waves, so we may as well let the Vikings rule’ ... It’s a good job Bosham’s King Canute didn’t think like Bosham’s Mr Hunter!

If he had, we’d all be blue-eyed blondes, wearing helmets with horns on them!

Incidentally, Frontliner isn’t a tram, it’s a cable-car concept.

However, we could just as easily fit additional carriages designed to look like the ‘flying pink elephants’ that Mr Hunter suggests we will see flying across the sky.

In fact that’s a brilliant idea!

Mike ‘Dream On’ Jupp,