Pier gambling machines

From: Hippolyte Grigg, Park Wood Road, Hastings
Hastings Pier.Hastings Pier.
Hastings Pier.

I was astonished to see that HBC has seen fit to further perpetuate the addiction of gambling by agreeing to install gambling machines on Hastings Pier.

Gambling is one the most addictive of things that have been known to break up family relationships in the same way that drugs and alcohol addiction can do. How can they just throw away the plans laid by those in the treatment field and the Government to help to reduce this by planning to install yet another of these establishments in Hastings, and this one on the pier, which will only help to encourage its growth among young people and others. I’m not against a flutter from time to time but it can become addictive in certain circumstances.

If this is just another way to try and make the pier sustainable there are clearly other ways to do this but some on this council have remarkably little imagination.