Roads are bad but will someone look into it?

I FEEL the time has come to express my utter disgust at the state of our roads in and around the Thomas A'Becket area.

As a regular cyclist out of Orchard Avenue, I have little choice than to use St Lawrence Avenue and Wiston Avenue.

However, I feel that I am taking my life in my hands using these particular routes.

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If I am not avoiding the cars that seem to do anything to straddle the speed humps I am desperately trying to avoid the gargantuan holes that have appeared along my treacherous route.

This, coupled with dark mornings, leads to quite an eventful start to my day!

These pot holes are extremely deep which could, quite easily, send an unlucky cyclist over the handle bars, potentially into the path of oncoming traffic.

Furthermore, loose shingle from these holes has now been scattered over a large area and is being flicked up onto parked vehicles, potentially damaging to cars and unsuspecting pedestrians.

Surely a "temporary fix" would have been a sensible option rather than to allow the holes to get gradually worse.

Oh hang on, maybe the "temporary fix" was to cleverly disguise the danger by surrounding it with two cones and an arrow that blew over within three hours, leaving the metal legs of the sign sticking up in the air.

Now I'm not a technical genius but, with the forecast of high winds, maybe a sandbag or two over the base of the sign may have a good option.

We are led to believe that the TAB catchment area is quite sought after.

If this is the case then why should we have to put up with this level of disrepair.

Andy Burling

Orchard Avenue


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