Rodmell and Southease

BIRTHDAY PARTY: On Sunday I was invited to my friend Berni’s birthday party at Gars Chinese Restaurant in Brighton. Now I’m not a person that goes to Brighton centre, as I hate the parking systems and prices and driving around Brighton. I was actually born in Brighton and lived there for 21 years, but rarely go there now. I decided to park the car in Newhaven, where I crossed the road, got straight on a bus and arrived at the restaurant in good time. The whole journey took me under an hour and cost me nothing as I used my bus card. I was however given a lift back in a taxi by kind villagers who had a space to spare in their taxi. It was a big birthday for Berni, but as usual she looked stunning and as one male guest said ‘has a pair of legs to die for.’ I won’t say how old she is (I value friendship) but you could easily knock 30 years off her actual age. How does she do it? I was sad when she left Rodmell to move to Brighton to live nearer her family, as Barn House was my second home and Berni was a fabulous friend as well as my neighbour. The whole party set up by her boys and family was a great success and they are to be congratulated. I think there were about 70 guests and it was lovely to catch up with everyone.

Friday, 8th March 2019, 5:00 am
Rodmell & Southease news

SAD NEWS: Sadly however, on the same day, my ex-mother in law Hilda died. I had an early morning call just as I was serving breakfast to my B&Bs. Many of my friends and villagers knew Hilda, as she and I were always very close. We used to eat at our pub on a Tuesday lunchtime and Jon and Lucie and the staff were always so kind to her. She also came to village functions over the years and enjoyed them. She was 94 and until she went into a home was a cheery active person. Once dementia set in the end came quickly. Let’s hope research finds a cure for these awful brain illnesses soon.

REVD GEOFF DAW: It’s lovely to see Revd. Geoff Daw looking so well at Southease Church recently. Geoff has fought cancer and now seems positive about the outcome of his recent operation and hopes to be back in full service order in the not too distant future. I think he looks years younger now his hair has grown back into a full head of hair and it’s lovely to see him so cheerful.

SPRING: On a cheerful note, our village is starting to look so spring like with daffodils, crocus, snowdrops and various flowering shrubs and trees all bursting out in blossom. Let’s hope we don’t have cold weather shocks to set everything back.

QUIZ: We are all looking forward to the Quiz in aid of St Peter and St James, our local hospice, in our pub on March 13 at 7pm. Have you got your tickets yet? Tickets are £12, which includes Lucie’s fab two-course supper. Email [email protected] or call 01273 474980.

WI: Open Meeting March 19, 8pm. A talk by Sarah Jay on Clothkits, A Textiles Tale, a personal history of the local fashion phenomenon. I remember the excitement of this happening in Lewes. It really put Lewes on the map.

ART CLASS: Vicky Mappin’s Botanical Art Classes continue on Thursday and Friday, 10am to 1pm. Contact Vicky on 01273 809613.

COFFEE MORNING: Village Coffee Morning at the Abergavenny Arms pub 11am Wednesday March 27 and monthly.

LITERARY SOCIETY: The Literary and Treacle Flapjack Society met at Lorna’s on February 15 and enjoyed Love Poems on Valentine’s Day. This is to be continued on April 5. Contact Lorna 01273 479620.

EVENTS: If anyone wants events etc put in the Parish Pump please would they give me at least two weeks notice. Thank you.

POTHOLES: Good news our many potholes down the street now have white markings around them. Hopefully they will be done soon.