Summer isn't so great with hayfever

What a summer it's been so far! With scorching temperatures, gridlocked roads and yellowing grass, it seems the summer is well and truly here to stay.

I don’t mean to be one of those people moaning about it being too hot and unbearable but I’ll be honest and admit that I’m certainly more of a fan of autumnal weather.

The reason? Having suffered with hayfever since the age of four, each summer I join the millions of others who have to deal with the dilemma of either medicating every single day to avoid the symptoms of itchy everything or just coping with feeling rotten.

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I do envy those who have never suffered the dreaded summer cold and it must be so wonderful to be able to crack on with work with clear vision, unblocked nose and generally feeling quite normal! I don’t recall a summer ever being like that and having spent most of my school life in rural Norfolk where the flat terrain provided no shelter from the pollen, I can only dream about how it must be.

As an adult, my symptoms have remained but living near the coast does provide a sea breeze to push the offending pollen inland however the acres of grass seem to now be my worst enemy. I’ve spent many of my gigs with sunglasses in place or rattling with medication. Roll on winter!

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