Surely there was a better way

ALTHOUGH I live in Tarring, I only go into the town centre if I really need to.

I recently did and found traffic held up with roadworks.

What on earth are they doing to Chapel Road?

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Work-wise, all I saw were two men leaning on a barrier by the Post Office and the ends of the side roads being made narrower.

It also looks as though trees may be planted, which will be a nice place for our local drunks to relieve themselves, or for them to be snapped off by them.

Surely it could have been done a lot easier and without the traffic problems?

Do it after hours and do it one corner at a time.

Would it have cost any more?

If they had alternated them down the road, left and right, evenings and say, some weekends, there could be speed trials with cars and motorbikes down to the seafront.

Just think of the extra money coming into the town with people coming to watch this and also to see the soon-to-come "petrified forest" on the seafront.

I understand that all the work being carried out is because of the vast amount of spare money in the council coffers.

There is also a rumour that, even after all this expense, there will be enough left over to considerably cut our council tax this year.

D Pearman

Wiston Avenue


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