Think of bowls

As a 73-year-old Bognorian born and bred I agree with all that was written, and as chairman of Telepost Bowls Club who use the green at least three days each week, along with Pagham bowls club who tend to use it on most of the remaining week, I would like to say that I do not think any '˜real' consideration has been given to the sport of bowls or tennis, or indeed to the home owners overlooking this little oasis that is Swansea Gardens.

Indeed all our visiting teams comment on this beautiful site and how lucky we are to be able to play here. I have also been told how well the gardens are kept but it seems the councillors would rather have concrete blocks instead.

I would therefore like to pose the following questions to the councillors at Arun and Bognor:

- Why has there been no formal meeting between Arun/Bognor councils and all the bowls clubs concerned?

- There is no way six clubs can arrange all their matches and practice roll ups to fit in at Waterloo Gardens. Even a new clubhouse and café will not help so what’s the answer?

- The clubhouse at Swansea gardens is jointly owned by the two clubs that play home matches and roll ups so are we going to be compensated for its loss?

- Why are the bowls and tennis courts not publicised, advertised or indeed signposted, but the leisure centres are? (The councils must bear the responsibility for the lack of knowledge by locals and visitors alike surely?)

- Why is West Park being given so much consideration, it being so far out of town, and at the expense of Swansea Gardens’ combined sports facilities?

- I am led to believe there is a covenant that was put on Swansea Gardens around 1913/14 by the benefactor which states that the grounds cannot be built upon, so what is the implication regarding this?

B Paige


Telepost Bowls Club