Time to sort out this mess

I decided to have a really good look at the "enhancement scheme" for our town centre.

Having to endure the disruption to my everyday life and read some reports about other people's views, I was undecided.

Not any more.

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Who thought up this hare-brained scheme? (Was it the same clown who thought up the A259 "improvements" at Brooklands?)

The reduction in parking spaces, the ridiculous "pinch points" in a road where there is already total chaos due to traffic congestion, the lack of access to the shops like Methven's, Robert Dyas, Debenhams and Beales, etc, for disabled people, or the elderly who use taxis (they aren't allowed into South Street), when businesses are already failing, are all surely going to add to the destruction of the town.

Not happy with pricing car-parking beyond sensible measures, the borough and county councils now seem even more hell-bent on making our lives even less pleasurable than they already were.

Is this a ploy to stop people being able to easily access the Pier Pavilion, so the council can justify its wish to economise by closing one of the town's theatres '“ to make the Pavilion less financially viable because we can't park close enough or at a reasonable price to take our families there?

The cost of this scheme must be huge.

Reduce the speed limit to 20 mph?

When can you ever drive down there at more than 10mph already?

The crowning glory must surely be that they are wasting all this money (our council tax) when there are pot-holes four and five inches deep on much-used roads in the town, that are so dangerous that I am amazed that there are not more accidents.

They should surely be properly repaired, not just the usual bodged-up rubbish that they seem to warrant.

There are clear signs at the junction of Chatsworth Road, forbidding loading and unloading during the day between, I believe, 10am and 4pm, that also state that there is no access for any vehicles other than disabled, buses and taxis.

Has anyone EVER seen this rule enforced?

Taxi ranks are private property and yet parking wardens allow lorries to load and unload on them.

Can anyone do their job properly these days?

Friends of mine now go to Horsham on a weekly basis because of what has been done to Worthing; they have now met four other couples in Horsham, all from Worthing, who also go to Horsham weekly to shop, eat and socialise.

I wonder how many more people there are who do this.

We simply cannot afford our money to be squandered in this way at the best of times, let alone now.

Brooklands would have had a simple answer to its traffic problems.

Eastbound, make the left lane a left turn only and the outer lane straight ahead, with "merge in turn" at the narrowing point.

West bound, just "merge in turns" without the reduction in the width of the road which many drivers ignore anyway and, again, are not enforced.

I am sick of the damage our appalling roads inflict on cars.

Speed bumps are bad enough, without potholes and further congestion caused by pinch points that only cause frustrated motorists.

They do not ease congestion, they increase risk taking because of lack of patience.

Wake up, planners, before you destroy our town.

Trudi Starling

Alexandra Court


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