Two-year-old's much-loved toy is missing

AS every parent knows, a young child has one, extra special, well-chewed, much adored, cuddly toy that goes everywhere with them.

On Saturday night, my two-year-old daughter lost hers.

It was somewhere between Ripley Road and Woodlea Road, via West Worthing crossing.

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The toy in question is a small grey dog, about six inches in length. Despite retracing our footsteps a number of times in the following hours, I have been unable to find it.

This is a last ditch effort to ask any Herald readers who might live in that area and who might read this to keep an eye out for it (maybe it has been dropped in their garden by a fox) and if they find it, to return it via the Herald.

If it is found, it will make one two-year-old infinitely happier than she is at the moment and two parents extremely grateful to the finder.

If the toy is found, please email [email protected]

Paul Davies,

Woodlea Road


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