United Kingdom is at its '˜most divided' over Brexit issues

Just how will history view the contribution of David Cameron to this country in the decade beginning 2010?

Initially heading a coalition government that achieved a fair amount, Cameron was then, by way of the 2015, General Election given a clear mandate by the people of this country to head a Conservative majority Government for another five years.

While the words ‘politician’ and ‘honesty’ are not always thought of as being inextricably linked, will history ask the question: “Was David Cameron too honest for his own, and for that of the country’s, good?”

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An EU-membership referendum was an election promise. I’ve never made any secret of the fact that I voted to remain – part of it was working on the old saying ‘better the devil you know’, as with the exception of David Davis, every other major Brexit figure didn’t impress me and the thought of the likes of Gove or Johnson in Number 10 filled me with dread.

Ian Hart

David Cameron was by no means perfect, but he was clearly the very best of the bunch.

Theresa May, again not perfect, is doing her best. But is her best good enough for the country?

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While on holiday recently, I had a very interesting discussion with an American gentleman from New York. He said, in his opinion, the US and the UK mirrored each other, in that the two nations are possibly the most divided they have ever been. America on account of President Trump, Great Britain with Brexit.

Two real questions. One, unfortunately, in hindsight: will the UK ever get back to being a ‘United Kingdom’?

And the hypothetical one: despite the Brexit result, how different would things be now if David Cameron had carried on in Downing Street?

After being given a clear mandate by the people, he appeared to jump ship at the first sign of trouble. Not exactly statesmanlike, something I think history will remember.


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