Waiting for taxis that never came

HAVING had a thoroughly enjoyable night out last Saturday, I walked round to Liverpool Gardens to catch a taxi home at about 12.30am.

Numerous announcements on local radio had told people that due to the road works the taxi rank had now moved to Liverpool Gardens.

However, no taxis were there and myself and four other people stood for at least half an hour waiting and waiting and waiting.

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Admittedly, there were no taxi signs where we were standing but there was a taxi sign by the bandstand. Still no taxis came.

Then a taxi marshal came round and told us we were waiting in the wrong place, the taxis went from the front of Weatherspoons or outside Iceland.

Walking round to Iceland with him he told me he spends a lot of the night checking to see if people were standing where we were and re-directing them.

When I eventually gratefully climbed into my taxi at about 1.30am I told the taxi driver I had been waiting in the wrong place and he was furious that promised signs had not been put up to tell the public where to catch taxis.

Here we are in the 21st century and Worthing Council is still in the dark ages as far as communication is concerned.

Worthing is a virtual ghost town in the daytime and soon will be at night if this carries on.

Fiona Bodey

Upton Gardens


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