We should allow our verges to grow wild, it's natural.

From: Annie Beal, Dunclutha Road, Hastings

I know many people have written in to complain about roadside verges being left uncut and that they are untidy and an eyesore.

I would just like to say that verges left natural make me so happy. To walk along the roads in the morning on my way to work and see the beautiful wildflowers growing and watching butterflies, moths and bees flitting from one flower to another is an absolute joy and has frequently delayed my journeys.

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Perhaps the people who so dislike wild grasses and flowers might be interested to know that British meadows have declined by an horrific 97 per cent in the last 80 years, and we have lost a staggering 40 million wild birds in the past 30 years.

Our verges are the last remaining refuge for so many of our British moths, bees, birds, insects and bats. Our wildflowers are on the brink of disappearing forever!

Our grass verges must be allowed to grow wild because our glorious native plants and animals are dying.

This is mostly due to the fact that the human population in Britain has trebled in the last 30 years, factory farming practises, pesticides, insecticides, new housing estates and roads.

So please, allowing our struggling and dying wildlife a few verges to live on is really asking for so little, isn’t it?

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