YOUTH MATTERS Tom Robinson...In search of the perfect Christmas wacky jumper...

I love Christmas. I love the cheesy songs, the television (that Coca Cola advert, of course), the decorations, the snow, Christmas dinner, and that general feeling you get at this time of the year...

But there is one thing that really sums up Christmas for me, and that is Christmas jumpers. As December 25 draws nearer, it’s time to flaunt them.

And when my advent calendar doors are opened, I will be wearing mine. Some people may be Scrooges when it comes to getting into the festive spirit, but my theory is that it only comes once a year and is no time to be worrying about how silly you might look in an oversized woolly jumper that bares a three-dimensional smiling red-nosed reindeer on the chest.

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There are so many different types of kitsch creations out there. Many of the best ones are online. But I’ve noticed that this year especially, numerous high street shops offer a good selection of novelty knitwear. Many of which are very affordable.

My first memory of a wacky jumper would have to be a Sonic the Hedgehog one that my Nan knitted for me when I was a child. It was twice the size of me, so I got a good few years out of it.

Nowadays I’m still on the look out for pullovers with individuality. Local charity shops have been an essential outlet for this as I can find classic, one-of-a-kind numbers. I have been adding to my own collection for a while now and have an array of different types. Although I am still yet to find that elusive Christmas jumper: the one that has everything.

Recently I have noticed more and more young people on the hunt for charity shop bargains, and with vintage-style clothing being so popular at the moment, this is sometimes hard to achieve. It begs the question: how ‘individual’ is this look now? And how easy are alternatives to come by?

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As we are now in the winter months, it’s cold, it gets dark early and snow may be on the way again. I say why not spread some festive gaiety by sporting a bright and vibrant, in-your-face retro jumper. In addition to this, festive knitwear can be very warm and resemble your own portable Christmas – with all the trimmings and an inside glow similar to that you get from mulled wine!

I think Christmas is a time where you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously and you should be thinking of others around you.

This Christmas, I will have to make that crucial decision... from my collection which seasonal sweater, do I choose to wear for in my mission to spread Christmas joy?

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