Paralysed Chichester police officer 'doing well', family says

A Chichester police officer who was left paralysed is 'doing well', his family has said.

Darren and Rosie with their three children
Darren and Rosie with their three children

PC Darren Triggs, 36, has spent 14 years serving local communities before a blood clot in his spine changed his life forever just before Christmas.

His wife Rosie was eight months pregnant at the time and a campaign was set up to get Darren moved from Southampton Hospital to St Richard's where his family could visit him more frequently and Darren could witness the birth of his third child.

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Three months on and things are still far from back to normal for the Triggs but along with the newest addition to the family, Rosie is working to prepare their home before Darren's return.

A fundraiser was also set to help help the Triggs pay for changes to their Fishbourne home to allow Darren to move around independently. £40,000 was raised.

Speaking to The Observer, Rosie thanked those who donated: "We are eternally grateful. Thank you so much it is going to help us immensely to get things ready in his home."

Kind-hearted architects and builders also stepped up to help out.

Key Contracts builders are making the alterations to the Triggs' home at cost price and Helyer Davies Architects have offered their skills free-of-charge.

"They have been amazing," Rosie added, "I was overwhelmed. I am so grateful to them as it has taken a huge weight off of our shoulders. They have been just amazing."

Darren has been based at a spinal hospital in Salisbury to get used to moving around independently in a wheelchair and has now been swimming in order to build up strength and muscle movement.

Rose said: "He has been doing really well. He has taken up swimming and he can get himself into the pool and he is almost completely independent."

Darren and the family enjoy video calls twice a day and he is able to read bed-time stories to his three girls.